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Can love survive?

Two people who have both suffered tragic losses in their young life; both of them avoiding love for completely different reasons. Joshua, a soldier in the British Army, a bomb disposal expert and the very best at what he does. Angelina, an editor for a local newspaper and writer in her spare time. Both of them focused on their careers.
Brought together unexpectedly, they fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with one another. All is perfect in their lives until Joshua is unexpectedly posted to Afghanistan for six months. Angelina’s worst fears are finally realized. Joshua has to go, it’s his duty as a soldier, but the pull in his heart is strong and he leaves her behind with a heavy heart.
Angelina is devastated and prays for his safe return. Until one day, a few weeks into Joshua’s deployment, there is a knock on her door that changes her life forever.

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The hardest obstacle of all, an insufferable pain, no one should have to endure.

Once again, Emily and James are separated for a final time. James is sent on a three month deployment to Sierra Leone on a training and advisory capacity, leaving behind Emily and his two children. While he is gone, Emily is faced with an insufferable tragedy that is set to break her completely. Unable to reach James, she is faced with an impossible decision, one that could tear her whole family apart. James’s fate in Africa is about to take a wrong turn unbeknown to him, thus changing the course of their lives forever. Can they find away through the tragedies which befall them, or will their lives be broken forever…?




My inspirational journey to India…

I recently visited India with my husband and daughter. While we were there we had our marriage blessed in my husbands traditional cultural way. I had an amazing trip and learned so much about India and the culture, which is far removed from ours here in the UK.  What hit me hard was the extreme poverty, which is visble everywhere. I found this so hard to digest. It made me realise just how lucky we are here in the west. We don’t know the meaning of the word “POOR”.

My marriage blessing: India
Me raj and Lilliah blue dress blessing day

We are blessed with clean water, which runs freely through our taps. We have a great sewerage system, which having been to India I now realise how much we take these things for granted. The everyday things we don’t even think about, such as, filtered water, clean air, smog free cities, good sewage, housing and financial benefits for the families living on the poverty line. Food banks, charities, and the lists are endless. Not to mention reliable electricity that does not cut out many times a day.

I found myself feeling guilty for my life, I gave money away to beggers and local poor familes. I fed the starving dogs, which were rife everywhere we went. One day, someone said to me, “Dawn, you cannot feed the world, so don’t do this” I thought about this statement for sometime and although I understood what the person was trying to say to me, I stand by my first thought, which is this, “I may not beable to feed the world, but I can try, one person at a time.”

Small steps can make big changes, helping one person could help their entire family, to not bother becuase there are too many, is to give up and close our eyes to the starving and hungry around the world. It makes me sad that we have copius amounts of food mountains going to waste in the west and yet there are so many hundreds and thousands of people dying each and every day for lack of food and water, something that every single human being has an unconditonl right too, for with out these basic things we cannot survive.


Golden TempleWhile I was in India I fulfilled a life-long dream of mine and visited the Golden Temple. I was surprised to learn that this beautiful temple was made out of real gold. It is so beautiful when you see it with your own eyes that no amount of photography can do it justice! My husband, daughter and me walked into the holy waters of the temple to bath our feet. The magical waters of the Golden Temple are believed to hold healing powers that can heal just about anything. People travel from all over the world simply to bath their sick and injured in these magical healing waters. I felt very inspired after my visit to this famous Temple, I watched all the people bathing in the waters at midnight, their belief in the temple astounded and inspired me. I was totally fascinated by the whole experiance. All who enter the golden Temple have to wear head scarfs or you will be refused entry. You also have to walk in with bare feet.

Me pictured at the Golden Temple: India

Me with headscarf at golden temple

During my trip to India, I experienced many wonderful things. We travelled to the infamous Bhakra Damn; this damn supplies a great deal of India with water, which is supplied by China. If this damn should burst its floodgates, the whole of the Punjab and Delhi would end up flooded and under water. The security surrounding the Bhakra Damn is phenomenal. Apparently, many many years ago, the damn was under threat by an enemy and they attempted to blow up the damn. Now, tourists can only get so close, cameras and mobile phones are not permitted. If you are caught taking a picture you will have your phone confiscated. Security is very very tight.



 We stayed in Marlipur in the Punjab, it’s a small town in the countryside where all the old traditions are still used to day. We stayed on a traditional Indian farm where the women still cooked using clay ovens. It was totally fascinating and I admired them greatly. They were so hard working. Everything they ate and cooked with was sourced on my husbands familie’s farm. From Aubergines, marrows, potatoes, peas, mangos, tomatoes, onions, garlic, haldi, monkey nuts and Basmati rice to name but a few. They never needed to go to a shop for food, which was truly amazing. Everything came from the farm. The cows provided milk, butter and paneer. The chickens provided the eggs… It was so wonderful to see and experiance. I left feeling so in awe of my husbands relatives. There was one wondeful lady called “BB” she was close to 100-years-old! She liked to smoke an Indian roll-up cigarette from time to time. When we arrived I was amazed to see this tiny fagile old lady smoking a roll-up. So I went out and bought her a packet of 20 boxed cigarettes! You would have thought I gave her pure gold when she recieved them! See this amazing picture below. In my humble opinion, anyone who reaches  100-years-old is entitled to a cigarette or two…

Me sitting with BB in India…

100 year old india lady smoking!

I saw the world through new eyes on this trip, it has made me think more about how I use and spend my own money. It made me appreciate my life and all that I have. This world of ours is a very small place, yet the differences across the borders are gigantic in many instances. My hope for this small world of ours, is that someday there will be no hunger.




RELEASE DATE 30/11/2014



THE POPPY FIELDS BOOK #3 (In Life We Trust) will be released at the end of November now! (Sorry for the delay)… I know how much my fans are eagerly looking forward to the release of book #3


This final book in THE POPPY FIELDS TRILOGY, will certainly be worth the wait. Filled with intrigue and intense twist and turns, this final book will keep you teetering on the edge of your seat all the way through to the end!


Soldiers Fear high res drk blue final


Following the release of THE POPPY FIELDS in November, I will be working on my eleventh book, “A Soldier’s Fear” which will be due for release in February 2015. This is another military romance about the struggles of a young soldier, Dominic, returning home and struggling with PTSD. He then meets a young woman, Olivia, by chance and soon falls in love with her, only he will not allow himself to trust her after being hurt so tragically by a previous partner…. So he pushes her as faraway as possible, not allowing her to get close to him. Eventually, she gives up on him, beleiving his feelings are no longer reciprocated. Olivia goes on to pursue a life without Dominic, however, he is never far from her thoughts. Then tragic, unexpected circumstances thrust the two of them together, but will they find a way throught this tragic time? Can the bond of love be strong enough to bring them together? “A Soldier’s Fear” coming soon…



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Fate intervenes when they least expect…

Emily is still struggling to come to terms with her tragic loss, two years on. Her entire being has been taken hostage by the poppy fields. The only place that reminds her that she was once truly happy. James, a military physiotherapist for the British Army, has thrown himself into his work, avoiding love at all costs. With several tours to Afghanistan under his belt, he is fighting his demons daily. The loss of his unit during his last tour always at the forefront of his mind, until one day, his eyes lock with the most beautiful and fragile woman he’d ever seen. From that day forth, his life is changed forever.



First time #free ~ Entangled Dreams by Carmen Desousa



When Alexandra’s choices dissolve into Entangled Dreams, pushing her down a dark and dismal path, she must trust her instincts to escape danger, but be able to surrender all to find her happily ever after. Knowing how to decipher the difference will be her toughest challenge.

Entangled Dreams


Genre: A sensual and, at times, heartbreaking romantic suspense

Rating: A spicy PG13 (nothing erotic or graphic)



She jerked back from him. “I don’t expect you to take care of me,” she retorted, obviously not thrilled with his remark.

He reached for her. “I’m sorry; that was rude.”

She shoved away his hands. “You can’t keep saying whatever is on your mind and then just say you’re sorry. That was rude. If you think I’m such a tramp, why are you even interested?”

“I don’t think that. I’m just accustomed to saying what I’m thinking at the second I’m thinking it. But I really didn’t mean it. I don’t think you’re a tramp. If I thought that, would I ask you to move in with me?”

“I don’t know. I’m so confused.” She dropped her head into her hands again. “I just don’t want to make any more mistakes.”

He put his hand under her chin and lifted her head. “Am I a mistake?”

“You are probably the only thing in my life that hasn’t been a mistake.”


A note from the author:

We live in a world where few people find their happily ever after, even though most of our childhood stories preached that to us. Wait a minute. Did they? I keep hearing…and I’ve been known to write this statement, “I’ve obviously read too many fairytales…” But when I looked back, the fairytales weren’t all sunshine and roses. In fact, many of the characters in what we tag as ‘fairytales’ were beaten, banished, orphaned, poisoned, lost, and on and on…


So where does the fairytale aspect actually play out? Is it when the dashing prince on the white stallion sweeps in and they live happily ever after? Chuh! But hey, the protagonist had to go through many trials to get there. So what’s so bad about that? Personally, I don’t think there’s a problem, except for putting all your dreams in one knight in shining armor who turns out to be a frog. But you can still work at your happily ever after, with or without the prince, right? Though, in my opinion, I think we’re all looking for someone who completes us.


The fact of the matter is a troubled past helps us appreciate a wonderful present. When we experience trials, we often seek out God and loved ones for support and are that much more thankful when the trial ends. So, I don’t have trouble with fairytales; that’s why I write them, modern-day fairytales, that is. I put my characters through trials and tribulations because I know that somewhere, someone can relate. Yes, there’s normally a knight in hidden-armor, who usually requires some polishing before he’s fit to be a prince. But again, isn’t that what great relationships do? They feed off each other to become better partners.


This is what I write about in all my stories. People who have flaws, but learn to overcome, trust when all else fails so they can love again, and forgive so they can know peace.


In Entangled Dreams, I tackle these and many other issues head on. So, for my version of a modern-day fairytale, read on for how to get your FREE copy!

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A secret can tear you apart … or bind you forever. 

For Arianna Ferria, a satisfying and challenging life as an art gallery owner takes an unexpected turn into burning romance when she falls for the handsome and successful Ben Fielding. Soon, their relationship blossoms into more than she could ever imagine, but when a black secret comes crashing down around them, their love faces the ultimate test as they come to grips with a tragic fate that will bring you to tears … Tears of Endurance

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