Countries at War



Armed and ready for a brutal attack

There are no winners, only pain

Sufferers from both sides every day

There are no winners, no one gains.


Yet still we fight, maim, and kill

Do we never learn from the past?

Our fallen soldiers under ground

A few days in battle they did last.


This country, that country, tomorrow another

Religion, dictators, greed and power

Is this all worth sacrificing innocents

When in the end battlefields sour?


We enter with nothing and leave much the same

Just dirt between our toes we leave behind

New life will grow through our tainted soil

What have we left for them to find?



Finally, the summer holidays have ended…


The summer holidays have ended and the new school term has begun… “Sighs with relief!” I have spent the last six weeks entertaining my five-year-old daughter and most of her friends. It was challenging and exhausting to say the least. Keeping children stimulated and amused for such a long length of time is not only time consuming, it can also be very expensive.


I came up with an entertainment plan, much like the previous year. I organised “FREE” days out as well as paid days out to cut the cost. This is where I had to be very imaginative! See below for the list of free day entertainment and paid day entertainment.


FREE (no cost to parent!)


1. Blackberry picking in the park complete with picnic. All the kids took their scooters too and we made a whole afternoon of it… I baked several apple and blackberry pies as a result of this afternoon in the weeks that followed, also involving the kids with the baking.



2. This summer I introduced the kids to great games from my own childhood, British Bull Dog. and Kick The Can. They absolutely loved it, again I took them to the park at the back of our street, we spent whole afternoons playing these games and at the finish, we shared a picnic. By the end of summer, I had lost a stone in weight, which I was most pleased with!


3. I arranged several play dates for my daughter and her friends at my house! This was very hectic… They all got together and acted out plays that the oldest child directed. I have to say they were so good and very talented… This was one of their favourite activities.


4. Baking sessions, another great activity that they all got involved with, from the cracking of the eggs to the mixing of the ingredients!


5. The new city library: This was a fantastic day out, not only is it a brand new state of the art library, it has an amphitheatre inside too, which you can see free children’s shows. There is also a giant story corner where you can take your child to listen to a story in a fun environment; this often entails a child or two being called on stage to help the story reader act out a part!


All the above activities were cost free and very entertaining; it kept them all active and away from the television… These were repeated many times over the six weeks holidays.


Paid day trips (Can be quite expensive)


1. West Midlands Safari Park, a great day out for the kids, will take up a whole day. However, be prepared to pay at least £50.00 for a family ticket. The good news is they give you a free return ticket! Therefore, it is worth the cost. If you take your own picnic and drinks this will also keep the cost down.


2. The Worcestershire Maze, this was a fabulous day out, it is a giant maze constructed of corn, and the cornfield has been designed in the form of a giant complicated maze. It is also a working field and the corn is harvested each year without damage from the maze activity. Ticket prices cost around £20 per family and include a BBQ lunch too!


3. A five-day trip to Blackpool pleasure beach: This was a much-needed break for my family. Great hotel bargains can be found if you shop around and search the net! We found a great last minute deal, hotel all inclusive of meals, with a family room plus sea view for five days at the bargain price of £250, a complete bargain in my humble opinion.


4. Theatre: tickets are cheap, at around £3 per person. As we live close to the city centre, we have access to many great local theatres that put on great performances during the holidays. We visited our local theatre a couple of times where my daughter was entertained immensely.


5. Cadburys World: This was quite expensive and everything there was very expensive too I thought, tickets were around £50 for a family ticket. It was a good day out and one you should take your kids on at least once!


6. The cinema: This can be cheap or expensive depending on the time of day you go. During the holidays, they have half price ticket deals at certain times of the day. We took our daughter and her friend to see, The Nut Job, and Toy Story Three!


7. StarCity entertainment village Birmingham. We live quite close to this place so it was somewhere we took our daughter to on a few occasions over the holidays. They have cinema, bowling, mini golf, amusements, child art centre and so much more… Again, this can be as cheap or expensive as you make it.


We also had the odd quiet day at home where I caught up with myself and my daughter chilled out at home playing with her toys and reading her books.

So, these were just some of things I did to entertain my daughter and her friends during the holidays. No one can afford to pay for expensive day trips every single day, so it is a good idea to think back to your own childhood and recall some of the things you used to do that was cost free… That is exactly what I did. My biggest surprise was that none of the kids had ever heard of British Bull Dog or Kick the can! However, they have now and I think they will be playing those games for many years to come.



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Follow the path that steers your heart

Journey  with conviction and step with caution

Beware of signs that lead you off course

Continue past junctions and set yourself apart.


For roads are many but completed journeys are few

So search deep inside to reveal your courage

Don’t be afraid of the obstacles in front

Take those steps which will carry you through.


Life is a challenge full of tests

To encourage and strengthen a human’s will

Take up the challenges and never give up

For when we are dead long may we rest.


Follow the path that steers your heart

Journey with conviction and step with caution

Beware of signs that lead you off course

Continue past junctions and set yourself apart.



Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate…

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For me, writing requires total concentration, which means absolutely no background noise other than that I create for my writing mood… The constant ringing of the house phone, door knocking, people talking and oh so much more, is a complete no no! I need to be in my zone and if that is disturbed, a huge crack appears in my concentration and I am lost.


You would be surprised how hard it is currently to find the peace and tranquillity needed to write that all-important book. Believe me, I try just about everything and still struggle daily to find that writing balance…


I have discovered over the years that writing in the early hours of the morning is probably the best time for me personally. My beautiful energetic daughter is in dreamland as is my husband. I take up position on my over-sized sofa, which looks out on to our lovely garden, and slip into my zone. This is when I do my best writing, completely undisturbed with no cracks appearing in my much-needed concentration levels! However, there is a small problem with my chosen timing, the lack of sleep. Yes, that beautiful state in which we humans slip into when our bodies have said enough is enough and now its time to rest! This is where my wonderful writing time lets me down completely. You see, my energetic daughter is not a great fan of sleep and wakes up pretty darn early, thus, giving me just the skeletal bones of sleep.


It is all about finding the right balance of, timing, sleep, motherhood and housework… I am the master of my own time keeping you will say, the thing is I completely agree! There is no easy answer, only passion sprinkled with a great deal of enthusiasm to keep those words flowing and block out the background noise intent on intruding into your zone…


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Publishing a book is a team effort…


As I have discovered even the most famous of authors make mistakes and these can slip past the editor’s eagle eyes and make it onto the bookshelves! Human error is inevitable; however, the more of a perfectionist you are about your work, the less likely you are to have mistakes in your published works.

Editors make mistakes too. This is a fact and one I have discovered several times after receiving my manuscript back from them. At the cost of £700 for each book I really do expect a clean manuscript back from my editor, after all, this is their job. I can accept one or two errors that may have slipped by; however, I was shocked to discover just how many errors there are. When you are paying an editor so much money to cast their eagle eye over your precious work, you do not expect it to be returned in such a manner. Hence, I now have a new editor.

It is a team effort, publishing a novel. You the storyteller, the proofreaders, the editors, the formatters and of course the cover designers. It is imperative that each person involved in the whole process of getting that rough draft onto the shelves, does their job as best as possible. After all, your name is attached to that book; you will be mentioned in the author’s acknowledgements. Therefore, everyone involved should bear this in mind.

As I said, it takes a whole lot of people to produce a perfect book and complete for publishing. It is a team effort and each person involved relies heavily on everyone else. Therefore, from someone who has made every mistake in the book and learned from them the hard way. I will leave you with this final thought:  Be sure to have even your edited work proof read several times because no one is above human error. Stephen King is famous for one or two errors in his books and he has the best editors in the world! Proof. proof and more proof…



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