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Fate intervenes when they least expect…

Emily is still struggling to come to terms with her tragic loss two years on. Her entire being has been taken hostage by the poppy fields. The only place that reminds her she was once truly happy. James a military physiotherapist for the British Army has thrown himself into his work avoiding love at all costs. With several tours to Afghanistan under his belt he is fighting his demons daily. The loss of his unit during his last tour always at the forefront of his mind, until one day his eyes lock with the most beautiful and fragile woman he’d ever seen. From that day forth his life is changed forever.

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Guest Post: Author Lisa Calell…

Today I have the great pleasure of introducing the very talented best selling author and friend ~ Lisa Calell ~ Author of two books, Disconnected and the sequel Reconnected. I have read both of these heart-felt books and I was truly captivated. Lisa Calell weaves an intricate story that will surely tug at your emotions and leave you wanting more. A page turner like no other, I urge you to read both Disconnected and Reconnected and follow the incredible journey  of two people in this emotion-charged story…

lisa c



Lisa Calell is the author of the Disconnected series, which soared to the top of the Amazon Charts within six weeks of the release of Book 1 – Disconnected in March 2013. Book 2 – Reconnected was released on March 31st 2014 and on that day reached the top 100 in Psychological on Amazon.

She has now started a three-part series which takes you through the emotions of a father, a mother and a daughter following a family break up. Blinded by Control should be released at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015 and is anticipated to be more intensely emotional than the Disconnected series.

Lisa was born and raised in a small Scottish town called Troon. She now lives in Lancashire, England with her husband and two children but maintains ‘you can take the girl out of Scotland but you can’t take Scotland out of the girl!’


Disconnected (book #1) Blurb:



Katherine (Katie) Calder is happy, or is she? Married to a patient, loving and handsome lawyer who has been her life for 6 years – Chris. He wants nothing more than a ‘normal’ happy family life – will being with Katie ever give him that? Katie does not know how to love him or anyone but she knows she could not be without him. She has detached from life, from love, from any true emotion yet Chris continues to love her unconditionally wishing for the day she will declare her love and even cry for the first time since he has known her.

Katie’s mother – Jill Williams is desperately trying to rebuild a relationship with her daughter who has been missing from her life for six years for reasons she has never understood. Bringing Gerry back into Katie’s life was not the answer. Gerry brought back the horror of her ‘missing years’ causing her distress, misery and even blackouts. Why, what had Gerry done? What had happened in those two years when she had been missing that could cause this pain and anguish and if they found out would they feel the same about her? Katie didn’t think so, she had to protect them against the truth and she had to face her past – but at what cost?

Disconnected is an intense, emotional journey that will have you smiling one minute and then feeling hurt and pain the next. You want it to work out, you want the happy ending – but then life is never that straightforward, this book will leave you with a void, this book will leave you disconnected!

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Reconnected (book #2) Excerpt:

Reconnected front cover

Not surprisingly, “Orphan” became a best seller. Danielle had been right, it appealed to both adults and children and suddenly I was globally famous.

My life was in a whirlwind of travel and interviews, always with the question “How did you come up with this book, what inspired you?” I wasn’t about to tell them that my heart had been ripped out and left in the street to be trampled on daily by crowds of people. No, I always used the same reply: “Everyone experiences loss in their lives. Everyone feels empty and lonely from time to time. I just wanted to take that pain from them and put it in writing. Something the reader could understand and relate to but it be someone else with the sorrow instead of them, at the same time giving them something to cry over to release their agony.”

Each time I said this, the interviewer would nod, having experienced the loss I described—the emptiness and loneliness. They could feel my pain; it would seem the whole world could now feel it.

It was a clear day in Washington DC that Tuesday in June. I woke up to yet another hotel room. This was easy for me; each room was bare and disconnected just like me. The rooms were like mirrors of my soul. Today’s schedule was a busy one; two interviews and a book signing, then dinner with Danielle later this evening to discuss my next book. She wanted one to equal this. Did I have another book in me? This one had taken everything from me, drained every last emotion, and left me weak.

The interviews went as well as to be expected, no new questions. More people wanting to know what my pain was, how could I have written this emotional heart-wrenching book if I hadn’t felt these emotions first-hand? I always laughed saying I watched too many tear jerking movies in my life. That I felt every laugh and cry from them and it eventually gets to you after a while. Each interviewer would laugh with me unbelievably; they knew there was more to this.

I arrived in the city. Book signings were never fun for me, endless lines of men and women wanting me to write a note just for them, or for their mom, aunt, daughter or brother. Idle chitchat, a soft smile, a photograph even. Some would tell me about how this book had brought meaning to their life. One woman even said that she had not felt the same way about a book since Catcher in the Rye; I was honoured by that, to be up there with J D Salinger. In some ways, to be compared with such a classic was one of my life’s ambitions complete.

I only had two hours to get through; this was the longest part of my day. As I approached the bookstore, I could see crowds of people already lining the streets with their copy of “Orphan” in their hands. Sighing, I got out the car to huge cheers.

The manager of the bookstore guided me to a table surrounded by posters of the cover with copies and copies of “Orphan” all around me. I had five minutes before they would open the door to let the crowd in so I started signing books around me hastily in preparation.

One by one, they approached me eagerly and excitedly asking me to sign their copy. Thanking each one in turn for reading my book, I was looking down when another copy was laid before me, “Do you want me to address this to anyone special?” Still not looking up “Yes, address it to Katie, my wonderful wife, I will love you always and forever.” I gasped, as I looked up and stared at him. I couldn’t breathe, my mind was racing, and my heart was pounding. He was still so deliciously handsome, he looked worn though. I had done this to him. I sat frozen to the chair. I could hear my heart beating but I was sure I was still not breathing.

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Where does the inspiration for my stories come from?


I was having a conversation with a parent at my daughters school the other day, she asked me where does my inspiration for my stories come from and how do I keep coming up with different stories on a regular basis.

The thing is I have always had an incredible imagination, stories flow through my mind constantly. Before I have even finished my current WIP I already have my next story lined up. I don’t have a “Muse” I am simply inspired by every day life.

Here is an example of how my author mind works; when I walk past a poppy field for instance, I don’t see just a beautiful poppy field; I see a blanket of blood red poppies covering the land and making a bold statement. I see all the soldiers that have fallen over the years for one war or another. I see the devastation their lost lives have left behind for the grieving families. I see WWI and WWII and what those wars meant to our country today.  I see ration books and land girls! I am sure you get the picture now…

That is how I view everything I see! While walking my daughter to school I see a hundred different stories in the faces of the parents I pass along the way. My imagination never stops. I would not know how to shut my brain down and close my mind for a while. This is not possible, believe me I have tried!

The change in seasons also plays apart in my writing, why? Well, for instance, when it’s raining I feel different, I feel more deeply, I am more emotional and my writing reflects this. When it’s the height of summer and the sun is shining from dawn to dusk my writing takes on a different form, I am inspired in a different way altogether.

I hear writers talking about their “Muse” I have never had this myself, I have always had stories in my head inspired by all life around me. The simplest of things can trigger a story when I least expect. My problem is this; I have too many stories and not enough time to write them!

I think you’re either a story teller or not – I am a story teller, this has always come easy to me. It has never been a chore or something I have struggled with. If this were the case I would not be writing. I love writing stories; it’s a complete pleasure and joy for me. When it becomes anything else I will stop, simple as that…



I am so pleased to announce the release of book two in my “Poppy Fields” trilogy. If you enjoyed Book #1 then you will love Book #2. The story continues where it left off and takes you on an emotional journey you will never forget. Get your tissues ready! Just click on the links below to take you direct to Amazon.

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mothers day



It is thankless at times I’ve heard people say,
On parenting children from day to day.
But this is my view l wish to share.
For being a parent who loves to care;

Does not seek thanks for this child I created.
To love and to cherish, I am truly elated.
This child of mine need never worry,
I’m sure at times they may be sorry.

As they grow and as they learn,
I’m sure my child will take a wrong turn.
But this is what parenting is all about,
To guide them along and help them out.

To remain by their side when they are in trouble,
And help them work through their day to day struggle.

Our love is unconditional and will always remain so,

Which ever road you choose to go…


A poem: The Whispers of an Echo…

 haunting image LS

The whispers of an echo

The haunting sound of silence

The enchanting dance of a shadow

And our simple hearts which guide us.


The earth below our naked feet

The land which we all share

Our direction greet with caution

For we know not who we may meet.


Close your eyes to truly see

 Listen to the world around you

Nothing is ever quite as it seems

Just like the skies are not really blue.


The whispers of an echo

The haunting sound of silence

The enchanting dance of a shadow

And our simple hearts which guide us.