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One Less Limb: by D.G. Torrens

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One less limb, home he returns

Once a soldier much he learned

Death is a fact, just not how

redundant and wandering he is now.


Fighting his way through everyday

Searching for answers along the way

Alone with his fears he now feels

While he waits for his body to heal.


He will not be beaten he will survive

he made it home he’s still alive

one less limb homebound now

The fear lurking he no longer allows


A British soldier in Helmand

Mortar fire over head

The soldier looks to the fallen dead

Images of his son at home

He struggles to his feet alone.


Not just a soldier a father too

He promised he will come home to you

He looks back at his fallen men

A tear escapes once again.


Infantry soldiers now insight

The soldier smiles with pure delight

The sight of angels he did think

As the soldiers arm he did link.


The mortar fire remains in the distance

A reminder that things can change in an instant

The infantry soldiers surround the dead

Tears in their eyes as they look ahead.


Comrades and brothers lost to this life

They weren’t just soldiers they had a wife

Their young life taken only one survived

The remaining soldier grateful to be alive.


Brave soldiers of India


With pride in their hearts and fear in their eyes

The brave and young march off to war

As they leave behind their mothers cries

To desolate lands like many before.


They know not what fate has in store

only the stories of soldiers returned

The ones before them who fought the war

Who served with pride and share what they learned.


A tour of duty a deployment to fear

As many have died year after year

The IED war as it’s well known

Just ask the wounded who made it home.


With pride in their hearts and fear in their eyes

The brave and young march off to war

As they leave behind their mothers cries

To desolate lands like many before.



Dogs at war, beloved comrades

A soldiers best weapon for detecting bombs

Dogs at war soldiers they are

remain by their side and never run.


A bomb sniffing dog is a fellow warrior

Saving lives and a  soldiers best friend

often relied upon and everyone’s saviour

For a soldier’s loyalty there is no end.


Serving their country day and night

Often deployed more than once

These dogs are heroes’ in their own right

Frontline dogs are of the utmost importance.


Four legged warriors trained for war

Walking with soldiers side by side

Saving lives and comforting the wounded

A soldiers best friend an armies pride.





The dry terrain grips our men

The burning sun teasing their bodies

Their Army fatigues and loaded guns

Adds to the pressure under the sun.


Treading carefully one foot at a time

Aware of the danger not far behind

Searching for explosives in the ground

Occasionally missed but often found.


One brave soldier stepping forward

His second in command ready as ordered

He dusts the object whilst observing wires

Focused and determined to prevent any fires.


A successful day the soldier smiles

As he detonates the bomb heard for miles

No one is hurt the villagers cheer

For the brave soldier standing near.



soldirs shadow

A town mourns the loss of its fallen young,

As the hearse passes by, people’s heads are hung.

Tears are shed by the grieving crowd,

The cries of mothers are especially loud.


This town will sadly be forever affected,

By the loss of their young they so much respected.

The pain of war will serve as a reminder,

That it does not always make people kinder.


War breeds hate, this we know,

Dividing the lands has always been so.

But the weaker will always need protecting,

From the tyranny that rules like a bad infection.


So let’s not forget the brave who fought,

And always keep them in our thoughts. 

treasure your freedom for it is precious, 

As many die the list is endless.



Once armed with guns protecting innocents

returned home with one less limb

A dedicated soldier a hero to many

Now battling depression struggling to survive.


A forgotten hero we all pass by

Judgement made with a heavy sigh

A vagrant we sneer as we turn our back

It does not occur we simply attack.


Our eyes may be open but we do not see

His tormented look, we assume he’s crazy

Our comfortable lives he fought to save

Whilst on the frontline a solder so brave.


Now he has nothing just a saddened heart

For all his brothers who fought then depart

No one sees him no one cares

A little compassion he wishes we shared.



A wounded soldier on the ground,

The sound of gunfire all around.

A fleeting thought passes through his mind,

As all his comrades are far behind.


No one is winning, only death,

To collect the ones who have breathed their last breath.

This moment of clarity he understands,

When he reaches out with an extended hand.


To the soldier beside him who has been taken,

By death waiting he was not mistaken.

He closed his eyes accepting his fate,

Praying for God to open his gate.



A soldier on operations clearing the route

Treading ground carefully with his military boot

An IED war that’s hard to control

They do their best while on patrol.


Many bombs planted everyday

Beneath the soil refusing to decay

The slightest pressure it will explode

Death is certain for all on the road.


Yet still our soldiers risk their lives

In armoured vehicles they do drive

Along dangerous roads, minefields’ they are

Searching the routes long and far.


Some lives are lost and many wounded

Sadly a few tragically executed

The war will continue it never stops

It remains forever a constant backdrop.



The whispers of the land

Innocents beneath the ground

Lives cut short their souls broken

Listen clearly the land has spoken.


Desolate soil and charred remains

No one’s winning no one gains

Broken hearts, broken minds

War is not the answer are people blind?


Amputees, orphans and childless mothers

Dead sons, uncles, husbands and brothers

Are the ones who suffer in the end

Not the leaders or dictators to war they send.



Armed and ready for a brutal attack

There are no winners only pain

Sufferer’s from both sides everyday

There are no winners, no one gains.


Yet still we fight, maim and kill

do we never learn from the past

Our fallen soldiers under ground

A few days in battle they did last.


This country, that country, tomorrow another

Religion, dictators, greed and power

Is this all worth sacrificing innocents

When in the end battlefields sour.


We enter with nothing and leave much the same

Just dirt between our toes we leave behind

New life will grow through our tainted soil

What have we left for them to find?



In battle they fight for the freedom of others,

Trapped by gunfire all around.

Relying on comrades they think of as brothers,

To watch their backs whilst on the ground.


Wounded soldiers in need of assistance,

While enemy fire erupts all around them.

The enemy they see clearly in the distance,

Is this their time are they condemned?


A comrade makes it to the wounded,

Unspoken words between them are shared.

Today is not their time; this brother will be saluted,

For he was brave this comrade who cared.


For comrades are brothers for eternity,

A battle they shared along with their heart.

For they can be relied on as the fire does ignite,

Souls entwined can never be torn apart.




An ambush took them by surprise,

Comrades falling all around,

A soldier finds sanctuary in a hollow tree,

The only one left he now realized.


The enemy makes camp all around he did see,

While the lone soldier remains still and dares not breathe,

Silent he remains until the arrival of sunrise,

 Greeted by the sight of fallen comrades laid out before his eyes,


No enemy insight just the lingering smell of death,

He searches the dead for his childhood friend.

Only to find him spread out on the land,

This war will never steal my last breadth.


As he walks undefeated through desolate land,

The sound of guns not too far behind.

His mission he knows is not yet accomplished,

Until he reaches his longed for homeland.



Dedicated to my Grandfather 1923-2012


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