Daily Archives: August 24, 2011

Time is precious…

Time is so precious we should never take it for granted as it passes by so very quickly
(almost at the speed of light it feels these days?) I get but a precious few
hours late into the evening to do my research, I write as many lines as humanly
possible. I was asked the other day when do you expect to finish your books? I
replied when time allows! I was very honest with my reply as I have asked
myself this question often recently whilst tapping away into the early hours…

The benefit of writing your first novel/autobiography is that you are not tied into
a contract which has time restraints on you. You are free to write your book at
your own pace taking the time to go over it as many times as you like. The
downside of being un-published of course is the eventual fear that you may
never get your prized work published? This I know all writers think about at
some point during there first novel which gives me some comfort. This I remind
myself when I am thinking a long those lines – is part of my whole writing experience
(trials and tribulations!) So I say to myself “stay focused Dawn don’t
loose sight of what your doing”.

Tonight is not a writing night but a research night before I can continue
with my autobiography, I have a folder 2 inches thick to read tonight this is a
tall order so I envisage working into the small hours! I shall sit down on my
comfy sofa with a tall G/T (helps enormously) and soak up all the information
important for my books continuation. So my headline today (time is precious?)
some may say why? and I would reply “Once time has passed its gone
forever”. So making the most of every last minute is essential to fulfil
my dream of one day becoming a published author. Good night all…


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