Daily Archives: August 25, 2011

Step away from your computer!

Or in my case the laptop…

I have been so wrapped up in my writing recently that anyone even attempting to drag me away (stealing my precious time!) from my computer is currently met with a grunt of sorts, however with a lot of coercing from my hubby and friends they managed to drag me (mildly protesting) at this invasion of my time for lunch!  Yes that’s right I said lunch, not to the end of the world for an unlimited amount of time, not to the Amazon jungle where I could possibly get lost for years, JUST LUNCH. “You will feel refreshed” they said “it will be good for you” pipes up my hubby, and do you know what they were absolutely right.

The need to step away from your writing from time to time to regroup and press that
refresh button in your head is almost as important as writing the book itself.  I was more than grateful to everyone for encouraging me out (of Dawns world) to a lovely lunch with friends and family!  This cleared my head, talking and thinking about other things was very good for me.  Once I arrived home my head felt so much clearer and later on when my princess was settled I was able to look at my work with totally fresh eyes.  This can only be a good thing.

I spent three hours last evening going over a lot of much needed research, this has brought me to a rather difficult part of my book, and I asked myself how would I write this part?  What is the best way to explain this particular part?  My head felt cloudy as I had not had a proper break from my book in quite a while, every spare moment was assigned to writing or research. I had forgotten the importance of taking a break! Hence today’s headline: step away from your computer, (for just a while) this I now
appreciate! This I have found makes me write much better and with a clearer head.


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