Daily Archives: August 27, 2011

Treasure your friendships!

I have been full of excitement recently due to setting up my blog site and writing frantically! My head has been buzzing with ideas and I want to share them with just about anyone of my friends who will listen. This said I think I’m in danger of boring them silly – “over kill” I think they call it! I was having lunch with a very good friend of mine she made the fatal mistake of asking me how I was doing, and that was all it took – I was off the starting block and sprinting! When I eventually came up for air she looked exhausted, it occurred to me right there and then that I had had the same affect on everyone recently! Accept of course my daughter because she is only 2yrs and 8 months old, don’t get me wrong if she was able to understand fully what I was talking about she too would be a target for my excitement. I am so passionate about my writing I love to hear my fingers tapping away on my keyboard, I love to see the next page scroll up into view once you have completed the former, but I must remember my friends and family don’t need to hear all my inner thoughts! This said they have been very willing participants and I ask my self why? The reason I conclude is this, pure love and friendship… you can’t buy this off a shelf in Tesco’s! So if your luckily enough to have this then it must be treasured as it is priceless.

The beauty of all this is my lovely friends and family have been there all the way, listening, advising, and encouraging me in all that I do. The importance of surrounding your self with good people who genuinely care about you is tantamount to your future success I believe. Sometimes you just need to talk things through with someone, sound out ideas with them, receive their feedback and generally just knowing they are there for you whether things are going well for you or not.


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