Daily Archives: August 31, 2011

Dont be discouraged!

Laptops in our household are like a gold bullion … once left unmanned they disappear!  Yes this is true I have thought about connecting myself to one with an industrial chain recently to guarantee the use of one at all times!  My 2.8yr old demands to play online ABC games or online colouring at the very point I have just logged on, then there is my hubby who also has one eye positioned ready to pounce the minute it becomes free (he does have a works laptop however)!  I decide to call a household meeting re: the said laptop, I have designated usage times all set out for each one of us (perfect I thought) feeling very proud of myself.  A little later when its my turn after my princess is fast asleep I go to the cupboard to retrieve the laptop and its gone?  I search everywhere … no laptop, I hear giggling coming from upstairs my little ones room, I follow the noise until I reach the door I push it open and they are both sat there holding the said laptop laughing very endearingly! Their point was made distinctly.  So to share the point I have very little time with which to do my writing, however I make the most of every last minute. My daughter reminds me in her own way everyday that she comes first in my life no matter what and I have to concure!

 I want to share a little wisdom with you its free and priceless – I recently read a quote from a fellow writer as follows: “There will always be those who want to discourage your dreams, this is because they were too weak to follow there own”.  This has stayed with me since, “Why” you may ask?  Because I think we all come up against this negativity during our lifetime, the trick is to just smile knowing you are strong enough to fulfil yours!

It matters not what your dream is, writing a book, (claiming ownership of the household laptop!) climbing a mountain, travelling the world, directing a movie, or simply creating a large family!  The point is just going for it, don’t be discouraged by anything, reach out for what you want and make it happen! There will always be obstacles to over come  its up to us as individuals to find the strength to climb them.


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