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The power of love…

LOVE: The most powerful and influential feeling in the world in my opinion! 


True irrevocable love is simply the most precious emotion in the universe. This of course is just my opinion, how do I know this? Well because I have been under it’s spell more than once! Time freezes during it’s infancy, the world suddenly revolves around you and your love and nothing else matters. You feel inspired to climb mountains, run a marathon, do something completely out of character and most of all you cannot imagine living without it…



Love gives you wings and you literally feel like you could take flight at any moment in time, you feel as if you could survive anything. What is a life without love? I cannot imagine a life without love, without passion, without that whisper of a thrill that surges through your veins like a shot of electricity. It matters not whether you are 20, 30, 40, or 50, it will affect you in much the same way. Encouraging you to do silly things, skip a day off work to spend the day in bed together, skinny dipping whilst holidaying somewhere beautiful in the world or simply walking through your day with a great big smile on your face that is so incredibly infectious everyone smiles back at you wondering what’s making you so happy.

There is no greater feeling to experience in your life, no gift in the world can replace it and if your not sure whether you are in love with your partner, then I can tell you now, YOU’RE NOT. How do I know this? Simple, if you have to think about it, if you have to ask yourself that question, then you’re not in love. You know when you’re in love because you cannot imagine your life without that person in it, you want to grow old with them, when they are sad, you are sad, when they are happy then you are happy. You don’t need to think twice about the question, because you know the answer without a shadow of a doubt. The power of love is so strong it has brought down MP’s, cabinet minsister’s, even royalty in the past.

People say there are many forms of love, yes, I agree totally. However, being unconditionally in love with someone, where you give your heart over completely to one person is a very special kind of love and there is only one form of this love. Some one once said to me a long time ago, “Never underestimate the power of true love.”



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