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This is for all of you

Who have passed through this year.

Who smiled through the good times,

And through the bad shed a tear.


For the challenges you mastered,

And the new friendships made.

For all your great memories,

That will never fade.


Be true to your heart,

And be guided by your dreams.

For this year has passed,

And your new one will beam.


Wave goodbye to this year

And run into the next

Set your goals high

And make 2013 your very best…




❥❥❥ Why I love to read… ❥❥❥

I love reading as much as I love writing! Over the years I have read hundreds and hundreds of books from many genres. For me reading is food for the mind and keeps it ticking along… Every once in a while I come across a gem of a book or series which reminds me why I love to read. The TOM GRAY trilogy is one of those rare gems that stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons. Alan McDermott is a very talented and clever author who delivers original stories, his masterful prose and penmanship is unquestionable. But don’t just take my word for it, check out his books and you will see why he gets all the rave reviews he does and deservedly so….

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Alan McDermott: Author of Gray Justice and Gray Resurrection is a devoted father and husband who lives in the south of England. Alan is an one of those incredible authors that captures the readers attention from the first sentence in his books never mind the first page! After reading his amazing book “Gray Justice” Alan had  a new fan instantly. Having managed to create not just a brilliant story but also an exceptionally original one, which in this day and age is a very rare challenge indeed.


Alan McDemott has recently released “GRAY REDEMPTION” which is the third book in this incredible and original trilogy. I have read all the authors previous books and was totally blown away. From the plot lines to the authors masterful prose and right down to the brilliant and well thought out characters.

This story has every single person who has ever read it, questioning themselves…What would they do in TOM GRAY’S situation? If there was ever a book I urge you to read then it would be an Alan McDermott one.

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Gray Redemption Cover


With an average FIVE ★★★★★ rating for the first two books in this trilogy GRAY JUSTICE and GRAY RESURRECTION it’s not hard to see why GRAY REDEMPTION is flying off the shelves so to speak.







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Merry Christmas everyone!!

I would like to wish each and everyone of my readers “A very happy Christmas.” Thank you all so much for your support over the last twelve months it means a great deal to me. I wish you all peace and happiness for 2013…


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A Christmas Poem:

xmas bow

To cherish our family is to bind our soul,

Accept the imperfect, whatever that may hold.

The elders they guide and the young free our hearts,

To bind all this love, which can never depart.


We cherish our memories and make many more,

Whenever there’s pain we don’t close the door.

We widen our arms, allow our tears to flow,

For you see before long, any pain will go.


This our Christmas, with loved one’s we share,

Our friends and family  we love and care.

For their love and strength  will bind us all,

Keep us all upright preventing our fall. 



It’s hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us! The presents are wrapped, the tree is up and the cards are all sent… And most importantly we have all survived another “End of the World” disaster! Quite incredible really don’t you think? Christmas for me is all about my little princess; hiding her presents all over the house so she cannot stumble across them! Watching her perform in her Nativity play at nursery, taking her to a Santa’s Grotto and watch her excitement build as Christmas eve nears. She is almost four years old and believes in Santa without a shadow of a doubt. She wrote a Christmas letter to Santa with my help asking him if he would be kind enough to bring some snow with him so she can build a snow-woman! Yes, you read it right! A snow-woman, she wants to dress her up in a pink hat and scarf she informed me recently…

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So guess what I will be doing on Christmas day should my daughter’s wish be granted!! 





They stood naked in the shimmering cool water; the warm September night was calm and still, with the moon shining beams of light onto the vast lake. The curves of their naked bodies were shadowing the water. Neither one said a word as they looked deep into each others saddened eyes, their united silence saying so much. Angelina did not want to let him go fearing she would never see him again.

 Joshua smiled, “I will come back to you I promise” Angelina placed her head on his chest, tears falling down her reddened cheeks. “I could not bear it if I never saw you again, please don’t go,” she pleaded with all her heart. “I have no choice. You knew when we met that this would be a possibility Angelina. I will be back before you know it. This is my duty as a soldier, I have to go.”

She felt her heart closing in, the tightness was suffocating. All those young men who never made it home alive… She did not want her Joshua to be one of them; however, she also understood that he needed to go along with the rest of his regiment. This knowledge did not make it any easier to bear. She had a bad feeling about this posting in a way she never had with the others. Angelina just could not shake it off. Joshua was not able to disclose the whereabouts of his deployment, although he wanted to with all his being. He had an urge to share his inner fears with her, but he held off knowing this would make his leaving far harder for Angelina to deal with.

This was their last night together and they decided to spend it down by the lake, their very special place. This was where they spent their first date together eighteen months ago. That first date had sealed their rare and irrevocable feelings for one another that could not be denied. They have never looked back. When they were together it was as if the rest of the world didn’t exist and time stood still. Joshua fought his undeniable feelings with all that he had, not wanting to get involved with anyone knowing he was being posted soon. But the draw was too strong and the fight was over before it began. He was mesmerized by her. Angelina was deep and sensitive and was the suffer-in-silence type. He liked that about her. She was unlike anyone he had ever known, she understood him in a way no one else ever had before.

Angelina wanted to hold Joshua, never let him go and to keep him safe from harm. She held him so tight as if her own life depended on it. “I love you so much Joshua, please come back to me.” She cried uncontrollably now. He took off his ring that was passed down to him by his grandfather many years before and placed it on her finger. “I promise you when I return I will make you my wife.” With that Joshua kissed her gently on the lips. He hated leaving her; he knew this was as hard for her as it was for him.

“Joshua, when you’re gone time stands still until you return to me. I can’t move forward or backward. I can’t sleep because of worrying about you. There are so many soldiers returning back home in boxes. Every time I turn on the TV there is a news item about a young soldier not making it back alive the families left behind tormented by their grief.”

“Last week there were two soldiers from the West Midlands who were killed by a road side bomb in Afghanistan headlining the news. What if you get posted there again Joshua? I know the loss you suffered on your first tour of Afghanistan that could so easily have been you. You are my very reason for existing so you better come back to me. Do you hear me? ”

Joshua looked into Angelina’s beautiful almond eyes. He knew it would break her heart if she found out he was being posted there for a second tour, but there was nothing he could do or say. He wrapped his large arms around her and held Angelina tight. “I love you with all my heart. I promise I will be back for Valentines Day and then I will be back for good. I will not be extending, I promise you, it’s only six months. It will fly by. I promise I will write to you all the time.” Angelina could not control the flood of tears falling down her pale cheeks, she could hardly breathe fearing this could be the last time she ever saw him alive. Joshua ran his finger slowly over the small scar etched into her right eyebrow. He held her face in the palm of his large hands and kissed it, brushing the tears from her sodden cheeks. He felt her pain. He was feeling it too. No words could take their pain away; it was something they had to endure together until his return.


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On Unfaithful Wings, by Bruce A. Blake —

Icarus Fell was alive, then he was dead, now he’s stuck somewhere in between. Icarus Fell is a harvester, brought back to Earth by the archangel Michael to collect souls and help them on their way to Heaven. If he gets enough of them before the bad guys do—if he does a good job—he can have his life back. But people he knew in life are dying, killed by a murderer’s knife, their bodies defiled, and the cops think he’s the killer. How does a man who no longer exists stop a psycho? Icarus Fell know he has to stop him before the killer gets to his son.

“Icarus Fell is officially my new favorite anti-hero.”



The Bones of the Earth, by Scott Bury —

Eastern Europe, the Dark Age. The earth besets human civilization with earthquakes, floods, famines and new plagues that wipe out nearly half the population. Half of the mighty Roman Empire disappears. And the only man who can save humanity is one society rejected because he’s different.

“A marvelous read. I spent most of a day in The Bones of the Earth in spite of the things I had to do!”



Velvet Rain, by David C. Cassidy —


Kain Richards is the last of his kind–and a man on the run. So when this mysterious drifter falls for a beautiful and sensible Iowa farmwoman, he knows full well the perils of getting too close. And yet, for the first time in his miserable existence, life feels normal … feels real. But as those around him soon realize, reality is not what it seems. For when a tragic accident forces Kain’s hand, his astonishing secret–and godlike power–changes their lives, and the world, forever.

“It took my breath away right from the first line.”



The Funny Adventures of Little Nani, by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa


Illustrated by Almudena 
Romero Sánchez — Little Nani is a little girl who likes helping people, but when she does, the results are unexpected. Why? Because Little Nani is a witch! Or at least she wants to be a witch. She tries to cast spells to help her friends, but she didn’t finish the magic spell course. Little Nani’s extraordinary friends include funny ostriches, horses that love reading, super-fast turtles, grumpy zombies … Little Nani has lots of friends! You can also draw your own characters! Little Nani is willing to become a good witch. Will she manage to do it? Who knows?

“Children will love this book of short stories and they will fall in love with the beautiful image.”



American Goddesses, by Gary Henry —

When two small-town women find themselves with nearly unlimited powers of mind and body, their lives get complicated. Things turn nasty as a shadowy organization attempts to use Megan and Trish for their own evil ends, and destroy them, their town and the USA in the process.

“A ton of girl power … Highly recommended!”



Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula, by Elise Stokes —

Fourteen-year-old Cassidy Jones wakes up the morning after a minor accident in the laboratory of a world-renowned geneticist to discover that her body has undergone some bizarre physical changes. Her senses, strength, and speed have been radically enhanced.


After exploring her new found abilities, Cassidy learns that the geneticist is missing and that foul play is suspected. Terrified that her physical changes and Professor Phillips’ disappearance are somehow connected, Cassidy decides to keep her strange transformation a secret. That is, until she meets the professor’s brilliant and mysterious fifteen-year-old son, Emery. An unlikely duo, they set out to find Emery’s mother and are forced to confront a maniacal villain willing to do anything — including murder — to achieve his goals.

“Elise Stokes ranks up there with other YA masterminds! This is a definite must -read book!”



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A POEM: BY D.G. TORRENS  (reposted from october 12th 2012)





Mother’s in turmoil for their vulnerable sons,

Armchair observers their hearts in their hands.

Their children at war with loaded guns,

Out of reach in far away lands.


The child they once held in loving embrace,

Now a soldier preparing for war.

Marching with comrades, fear upon their face,

To fight a battle they all deplore.


A mother’s anguish for their safe return,

Their imminent fate in Gods hands is true.

From war there is so much we can learn,

Death is the winner, not us, not you.


Mother’s mourn as their child is returned,

Their worst fears realized now they see.

Their anguish, longing and continuous yearning,

Replaced by death, did this have to be?


Lives changed forever take a different course,

Mother’s should not live longer than their sons.

However common within the force,

How they wish peace could replace the guns.



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