Amelia The Mother (book #3) now available for #Preorder

For all fans of my first two books, Amelia’s Story and Amelia’s Destiny, I now bring you, Amelia The Mother.

USA LINK: http://amazon.2/2gxuoxr

UK LINK: http://amazon.2/2gwsh7u


While I contemplate my journey thus far, I wrap my hand around my hug mug and sip my coffee… I think about my younger-self and wish I could go back in time and whisper in her ear, ” Everything is going to be alright, Amelia. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter how hard things get.” A moment of sadness envelopes me, while a loan tear trails down my cheek… I brush it away and compose myself. I have many moments like this, moments where my inner thought journeys back to the past and reminds me of how lucky I am. If only my younger-self knew that there was happiness at the end of her grey rainbow. I tell myself that some people, myself included, experience challenging times in their lives that test us beyond our permitted boundaries of reason. That reason is not clear at the time. The only thing that is clear is the long climb ahead.

My beautiful daughter, Lilliah, is growing fast! Sometimes, I wish I could stop the world for a moment and climb off, just to catch my breath and take it all in… 

Amelia The Mother


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