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NEW RELEASE: Amelia The Mother book #3 (Amelia series)

QUOTE BY AMELIA: ‘Journey through life with conviction…’


It is release day for Amelia The Mother… For all fans of Amelia’s Story and Amelia’s Destiny, you will have followed Amelia’s arduous journey through her life. You will have cried with her and laughed with her. Now in her forties, Amelia is a mother and she uses her past as an example of ‘How not to parent.’

Amelia has suffered two great losses in her life in recent times, losses that test her strength and devastate her completely. In her usual candid manner, Amelia weaves her emotions like never before, baring her soul with such honesty you cannot help but feel the impact of her every word.

It is often said that real life is stranger than fiction – how true this is… Unlike fiction, true stories don’t always offer the resolution people want to hear. Not all things can be fixed and not all mysteries can be solved, however, Amelia has fought hard and searched hard to find many answers to unsolved mysteries in her life and many have been answered in book #3.

Amelia The Mother


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