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White Rose Author Event – 12th/13th May 2017 York…

AUTHOR EVENT 2017 – Radisson Hotel York City UK…


13240504_1250180655007244_8038205503154157193_n(1)Readers will get the chance to meet and greet their favourite authors with their purchased tickets. Drinks, canapes and a one on one with your authors of choice will take place the night before the big signing event at 7 p.m – 12 p.m.

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The buzz is all about the 2017 White Rose Author Event taking place at the Park Inn, Radisson Hotel, York… Only 7 days to go! I cannot wait. There will be 54 authors from around the world all signing books at the big event. Tickets are currently on sale at Event bright. However, you can purchase tickets on the day. I am an attending author at this event and I have some beautiful goodie bags for every customer. Yes that’s right, every customer who purchases a signed copy of my book or books on the day will receive a luxury goodie bag too.

York city is a beautiful place, much like Edinburgh, but on a smaller scale. Very pretty with amazing architecture. I have been preparing for this huge event for months now and very much look forward to meeting some of my fans as well as new readers gained along the way.

Over the years I have connected with and made friends with many fabulous authors on social media. I am so looking forward to finally meeting them face to face at this event. There will be so much happening on the event day and I hope to see you there…



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