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Imagine a world without computers!

Over the years I have read hundreds of incredible books by some amazing authors – Jane Austen – Charles Dickens – Emily Bronte, and many more.  My love for reading started very young and my love for writing developed soon after.  I try to imagine what it must have been like to write so many books without the use of the technology we are blessed with today?  Just imagine for a second – no computers/laptops – no internet – no smart phones, and that’s just for starters … I remember a time without all those things, and it really was not that long ago!  I remember you had to write a letter to stay in contact with a friend, the use of your landline phone was much more expensive as they did not have the competition they have today.  If you needed to make a phone call whilst you were out shopping you used a phone box!  I used to love receiving a hand written letter through the post – something we rarely receive today, unless you have my grandma of course who is a great fan of the written word and always sends me lovely hand written letters!  Once read, i bind them together with a piece of string in a little bundle for safe keeping.

While I tap away swiftly on my laptop, I pause for a moment to appreciate the speed in which I am able to produce this post, yes these days its all made so much simpler for us, I mean we even have spell check!  Imagine a world without spell check (it does not bare thinking about) just ask my editor!  However I cant help feeling from time to time that receiving a text message is not quite the same as a lovely hand written letter, or the smell of a brand new journal and the crisp white paper on which I used to write before I too conformed to the ways of technology.  So again try and imagine what it was like for authors/writers in times gone by, when each and every beautiful word was hand written, with no spell check to correct their silly mistakes!  I feel a sense of envy towards them as even with all the aids we have today to make our writing far easier, the authors of the past such as I mentioned at the beginning produced some of the most beautifully written words of all time.

To this day I do keep a beautiful note book which I write all my ideas in (by hand) in my very own handwriting no less!  I truly love my notebook and it travels with me everywhere just in case I have a moment of clarity.


Autumn my favorite season…

There was a feel of autumn in the air today … this is my favorite season – it always has been and always will be.  I love that fresh cold feeling on your face as you step outside on a crisp autumn day all wrapped up with your gloves and scarfs, yet the sun is shining – perfect.  The leaves are starting to become a beautiful orange and dark red – to me, the perfect back drop for writing.  I love to watch people toing and froing all in a hurry, heads down, bumping into one another all lost in their own worlds and often wonder where are they all going?  What are they thinking about?  Are they happy or sad?  I love to people watch when I’m drinking coffee in my favorite cafe looking out of the window, couples linking arms whilst looking in shop windows, mothers with children ushering them along, but when you see a very old couple walking hand in hand I find that the most amazing of all … that picture says so so much without saying anything at all!  its amazing what people do when they think no one is looking!

The Autumn season brings many changes –  squirrels collecting anxiously ready for their big sleep, acorns falling to the ground, flocks of birds flying away to warmer climates as they feel the change in temperature. There is just something very romantic about autumn, whether you are outside or simply watching the changing season from your favorite chair in the house!  The nights are drawing in, cosy evenings watching your favorite movie, snuggling on the sofa with your children!  Yes, I love autumn – this season always inspires me more than any other.  Unfortunetly, with the colder weather arriving, I am today writing this post full of cold with a lemsip in hand (a downside I can put up with)!  My princess is lying next to me on the sofa having a nap with her head in my lap … she is smiling in her sleep.  I cant help but look at her angel like face with relief, knowing that she is dreaming sweetly whilst I am tapping away on my laptop.  I pause for a while and look out of my window which is directly in front of me, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and there is a chill in the air – perfect!

Autumn is by far my favorite season!!!


An early start

The day started very early for me and Princess as at 5.40am … yes that’s right 5.40 am!!  I was woken to her little voice saying “Mummy, lets go downstairs – I am hungry”!  She must have been very active in her sleep to have woken up hungry as her appetite was very healthy the night before!  Then out of the blue she asked me “are you still writing me a story mummy?” I told her I am writing her a very long story and that once I have finished we shall have a big celebration!  At this she squealed with delight and said can we have chocolate cake …the simplicity of a child’s mind never seizes to amaze me they want so little and yet they give so much.

I remind my self with every word that I type I am writing this book for my princess.  One day when she is all grown up and a young women herself she will be reading my story,her Mama’s story.  It matters not if my book sells just one or a hundred, the point is I will have written a book and fulfilled my dream.  That’s one more tick on my bucket list!!  I do hope to go on to write many books but as they say “baby steps”

I hope to complete my book early in the new year and will keep you posted!


A big thank you!

I wanted to start by saying a huge THANK YOU!

At the time of writing this post my website has received 925 hits in just 14 days! WOW I never imagined it would do so well in such a short space of time… I am humbled that you have all taken the time to visit my blogsite… and hope you will continue to follow my book & I through Thank you for your messages of encouragement and support – again, I am humbled.

I have recieved some great advice along the way, which I will be incorporating into my website in the near future!  I read somewhere once that “your only as good as the people around you” and firmly believe this to be true – I have a great support network which I could not be without.  I would like to end today’s post with just this: If at first you don’t succeed try and try again!



Over Dinner!

As my niece was staying with us for a couple of days I thought it would be a fabulous idea for us all to go out for dinner and celebrate, as I had reached a milestone with my book!  This was what I had in mind – a toast before dinner, words of pride from my hubby, a “love you mummy” from my princess, hmmm this is reality not the big screen and this is how it went.  We arrived at the restaurant with a very grumpy toddler (missed her afternoon sleep!) and as we all sat down to talk about the book, my princess decided to roll around on the floor with arms and legs flailing (just what every parent dreads)!

The waitress appeared with her note book, ” are you ready to place your order” my princess piped up ” CHOCOLATE CAAAAAKE”  my niece sat in the corner very embarrassed (she is 13 yrs old)!  My hubby looked at our princess then looked at me and rolled his eyes, that was my cue to deal with the situation.  So I decided to just place our order as follows: “I would like a pair of handcuffs please, followed by a thick roll of sellotape, then I would very much like a bottle of your best … please and can you hurry as this is an emergency”  The waitress just looked on with a blank expression, my princess went quiet, my hubby and niece just looked the other way… at the site of all their faces I just started laughing – at which point everyone else joined me too!  The evening was an eventual success. So all though it never went quite as I imagined, my milestone was definitely marked … my princess got her chocolate cake and I had a celebratory glass of wine!  Just the one mind as I had a toddler to put to bed … and believe me when I say she was not a willing participant!


Memory banks!

Today has been a very constructive day as far as research for my book goes.  My brother came over for the afternoon accompanied by his daughter (my niece) who kept my little princess amused for a couple of hours whilst we compared memory banks!  The great thing was we each recalled separate instances which made for great research once all put together.  Its amazing what your mind chooses to remember or to forget, being reminded of one small detail or one place can bring back a flood of memories … I was writing ferociously whilst he was here in the fear that once he had left I may forget again!

Why is it when you need to pay your memory bank a visit it fails you at the very moment you need it?  I find this happens to me more often than not…maybe this is a little sneak preview into old age (a taster as it was)!  Note to self: start writing lists!  Not that I’m old of course – far from it, but try telling my memory this!  I have come to conclude that our memory banks are sectioned into four departments as follows: the past, the present, the future, and finally, when I can be bothered to recall!!!  Well this seems to be the case in my head at least.  I’m sure my brain is well insulated with B vitamins as I have been eating marmite for years, so there is absolutely no excuse!  Lets hope today’s reminders from my brother has helped to “jump start” those sleeping memory cells!


Dont be discouraged!

Laptops in our household are like a gold bullion … once left unmanned they disappear!  Yes this is true I have thought about connecting myself to one with an industrial chain recently to guarantee the use of one at all times!  My 2.8yr old demands to play online ABC games or online colouring at the very point I have just logged on, then there is my hubby who also has one eye positioned ready to pounce the minute it becomes free (he does have a works laptop however)!  I decide to call a household meeting re: the said laptop, I have designated usage times all set out for each one of us (perfect I thought) feeling very proud of myself.  A little later when its my turn after my princess is fast asleep I go to the cupboard to retrieve the laptop and its gone?  I search everywhere … no laptop, I hear giggling coming from upstairs my little ones room, I follow the noise until I reach the door I push it open and they are both sat there holding the said laptop laughing very endearingly! Their point was made distinctly.  So to share the point I have very little time with which to do my writing, however I make the most of every last minute. My daughter reminds me in her own way everyday that she comes first in my life no matter what and I have to concure!

 I want to share a little wisdom with you its free and priceless – I recently read a quote from a fellow writer as follows: “There will always be those who want to discourage your dreams, this is because they were too weak to follow there own”.  This has stayed with me since, “Why” you may ask?  Because I think we all come up against this negativity during our lifetime, the trick is to just smile knowing you are strong enough to fulfil yours!

It matters not what your dream is, writing a book, (claiming ownership of the household laptop!) climbing a mountain, travelling the world, directing a movie, or simply creating a large family!  The point is just going for it, don’t be discouraged by anything, reach out for what you want and make it happen! There will always be obstacles to over come  its up to us as individuals to find the strength to climb them.


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