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Welcome to my book review page! I am as much of a reader as I am a writer I review a lot of books that I read, so I came up with the idea to have my own book review page: I have decided this page will not only give you a taster of the books I review, but will also give you a little insight into the authors of the books them selves!


ALAN MCDERMOTT AUTHOR: Lives in the south of England with his wife and two daughters. Gray resurrection is the second book in a series and he is currently penning the third book. You can visit the author here:

Gray Resurrection

My 5* review of Gray Resurrection by Alan McDermott:

This was just an amazing sequel to Gray Justice. I loved this book as it met with all my expectations and so much more. The story line, the plots, the surprises throughout were so exciting. Tom Gray who is now living under a new identity “Sam Grant”and with a new life pretty much set out for him, is under pressure to keep his identity secret. If anyone finds out not only will he be dead, but also anyone who knows him will also die. Tom finds himself kidnapped and things go from bad to worse, seemingly with no end in sight. With the prospect of losing his head very soon, he searches for ways to escape. Chained up to a woman called Vic, she soon realizes why this man chained to her seems so familiar… Tom soon discovers his kidnap was not just about money, it was about so much more. I really don’t want to give to much of this fantastic story away. So I will conclude with this: This is truly one of those rare unputdownable reads, this author could give Jack Higgins a run for his money.  He is clever, well researched, well written, with the most exciting imagination. My hat goes off to this very talented author. I truly cannot wait for the third book in this series, there really should be a higher rating than five stars for great books like this one!


VAN HEERLING AUTHOR: Is a very talented author who currently lives in Burbank CA, you can visit him at


My 5* star review of MALAIKA by Van Heerling:

This story has infinite depth because of the issues that are introduced. “Malaika”, a beautiful gentle big cat who connects with the main character in such a way it tears at your heart. The beautiful Malaika communicates through telepathy and imparts knowledge and truth to his newly found human companion. This story is so eloquently written and so beautifully told I could visualize everything as if I was right there in the middle of the story myself. It makes you realize how precious life is. I cried a lot at the end of this book as it made me think a lot about how the human race treats these beautiful wild animals and not just lions but all the beautiful large beast that are just about existing in the wild today. To read such a story about a beautiful friendship between man and beast touched my heart. Well done to this talented author. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future. I highly recommend this unforgettable book.


 MIKE WELLS AUTHOR: is a very talented american thriller and suspense writer. He lives in Oxford with his wife, and also holds writing classes at Oxford. Visit his website at

My 5* review of “Wild Child” by Mike Wells

I have recently read the most remarkable book by Mike Wells a very talented and wonderful author. Wild child is about two teenagers Kyle and Briana, they are both so very different yet so very close. One day Kyle takes the keys to his fathers boat without permission, the two of them head of into the deep blue sea without a care in the world. Briana is a wild girl and always wanting to test the boundaries around her. Kyle stops the boat for a while and Briana jumps out into the sea, carelessly splashing and screaming, totally unaware of the on coming boat ahead. Before you know it Briana has been taken down down under, caught up in the boats propellers, and cut up very bad. Kyle looks around frantically calling out for his friend.

Then a very long time later she Briana bursts out of the water like a tornado, with more energy than she has ever had before. Briana proceeds to fill Kyle in on her discovery on the seas bottom. She tells him of the underwater spring that she was drawn too, when she was dieing, it was pulling her towards it, the green spring healed her wounds and brought her back to life! Kyle was having great trouble believing all this, however, over the next few days, he was forced to see just how incredible this green water was and what it was doing for Briana. However, it soon became apparent that without taking this water on a regular basis, all her original wounds would start to reappear. She could not stay alive with out it.

This story was such a breath of fresh air in it’s originality. You just don’t expect it at all, very cleverly written. This story flows like water, each page leaves you  eagerly awaiting the next. I read this book in a very short space of time, it’s true what many people say about it, once you start reading you cannot put it down. I loved this story so much that I will be reading “Wild Child 2” also, I can’t wait to find out Briana’s fate. Mike wells is a very accomplished author with many books under his belt. If you are looking for an excellent read then look no further. You can find this book on Amazon UK and as an e-book for down load. If you want to know more about this author then you can visit his website at


ANDREW HARDING AUTHOR– Lives in the UK and has written several fabulous books. Check out his website:

I recently finished this great book by the very talented Andrew Harding. I had the pleasure of meeting this great author and friend on twitter and just had to read his book. Please read my review below:

MY 5* Review of “Split Decision” by Andrew Harding:

WOW! This story took me on an adventure I was not expecting at all…  Harvey and Alli are Hybrids they meet by accident and then fall in love. Alli has had a very hard life and Harvey is about to change her life beyond her wildest dreams. Half human and half vampire, they crave blood like full vampires do but don’t sacrifice humans to do so.They found an alternative way to take blood, they feed together and when they do their sexual appetite increases beyond a humans endurance…

They both possess telepathy and amazing physical strength which become tools in fighting crimes, as Harvey is a detective and a very good one. He employs Alli to help him with a murder case a brutal murder case, as she can read minds and tell when people are lying. This proves to be a hit at the police station as she helps to secure arrests and it’s not long before she is employed full time.

Harvey and alli are fantastic characters there is a lot of explicit sex in this story which is written exceptionally well by the talented author. I am so pleased this is only book one in a series as I can now look forward reading the rest in the series. I was hooked from start to finish. Exceptionally well written, you could really picture the characters in your mind and transport yourself into the world of Harvey and Alli.

I highly recommend this fabulous book. It is exceptionally well written and flows like water! This is one author to watch out for and one I admire greatly…


To download this great book just click on the link:

You can also follow the author on twitter  @AndrewHarding4


DAX M TUCKER AUTHOR  – A very talented writer from America, he also enjoys tournament chess. He is married with three children. Visit his website

My 5* review of theThe leaf catcher” by Dax.M.Tucker 

This book took my breath away, it is written in Shakespearean style, in the form of a poem. This is the story of a humble leaf catcher, father and husband. Corliss is full of wisdom and proceeds to pass this on to his son Maddox. His son sees life’s riches in the form of material wealth, however, Corliss his father takes him on a journey through out this beautifully written book one of education into the true riches of life. This book will test you also (could you go one day without a single negative thought) I bet most people could not? After reading this book I was again re-educated myself (and very glad I was) I believe every human being should read this book at least once in their life time, to be reminded of the true value of a persons wealth, that it is not what you own, or how much material wealth you have, no it is about how much you are loved? Who would notice you if you were gone? Its about happiness, that the things we cherish most are our children, family, friends, which cannot be measured by any means!! This book I highly recommend. A truly beautiful book, by a very talented author.


MIKE WELLS  AUTHOR– A talented writer from Oxford. He is also the author of many other novels including  “Wild Child” which recently made the headlines in the daily mail. Visit his website:

My 5* review of “Lust, Money & Murder” by Mike wells

This book was fabulous a real fast paced story all the way, unputdownable! The main character Elaine has lost everyone, she has but one mission and that is to avenge her father’s death. So Elaine decides to join the secret service to  find the culpit’s. Elaine’s story is one of determination, strength of human will and survival. Aa long the way she falls in love with her boss another secret service agent who is posted in Bulgaria. However, Elaine is duped into believing Nick is a criminal under investigation by internal affairs, so she leaves Bulgaria without a word to her boss to start a new post back in America. All is not what it seems and she finds herself tangled up with the mafia? Can she survive? Will she ever see Nick again. Well readers you will have to read the book to find out!!! I highly recommend this book.


R.S GUTHRIE AUTHOR– A talented writer from America where he lives with his wife and two dogs , he is also the brain child behind RABMAD (read a book make a difference) visit the cause: visit his website:

My 5* review “The Black Beast” by R.S Guthrie

This book was a lovely surprise, full of intrigue and suspense! All the way through the book you know there is something spectacular to come but you have no idea what, why or when, then it hits you and unfolds on the pages before you, WOW tremendous! Detective MacAulay is the main character and he finds out some startling truths about the MacAulay clan his heritage – which takes him on a journey into the unknown, he is unwilling to accept there are dark forces at work in his world. However, the facts that are eventually laid out before him force him to open his eyes and investigate! This takes the detective on a the most un believable journey, everything he always believed is turned upside down, the shocking facts he discovers can not be denied… He finds himself at the centre of a murder charge of his lover one he did not commit, nor can he explain? He now has to fight for his freedom and for the dark truth!!! If your looking for something different, scary, and one that will test your own beliefs then this is the book for you. There are twists and turns right up to the end and will keep you on the edge of your seat – so hold on tight! A must read you won’t regret!


Alan McDermott Author– A great writer from the south of England. Married with twin girls. Alan has also joined RABMAD along with with myself and many other great authors. He is currently working on his second book the sequel to “Gray Justice”. Visit his website:

Cover for 'Gray Justice'

 My 5* review of “Gray Justice” by Alan McDermott.

This book was so original I was very impressed. Its very hard to find an original story one that has barely been touched on, but this author has with Gray Justice. This is about a man called Tom Gray, he loses everything that matters to him, his wife and child. Because of mindless criminals, that do not get the sentence they deserve in fact barely anything at all considering the death of a child. Tom Gray proceeds to teach the judicial system a lesson and  wake up the public and remind them if everyone stands together then things can be changed, well this was his intention at least. Tom Gray kidnaps several criminals and holds them in a secret place, he then goes live on the internet and lets the public vote on their fate, do they live or die? Tom reads out their criminal sheets, then he reads out what they got for their crimes through the courts, then the public vote on whether or not they deserve more punishment befitting there crimes – This was ingenious I thought. The ending had a twist I never would have expected, and I nearly always figure out the ending to most stories!!! You will need to read the book to find out what happens! I highly recommend this book. Visit Alan’s website:






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