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White Rose Author Event – Post Event Pictures/Updates

Saturday 13th May I was an attending author at the, ‘White Rose Author Event’


The White Rose Author Event – is one that I will always remember. It was beautifully and timely organised. Everything from the location and venue was perfectly researched and well-chosen. This was a huge event with attending authors travelling from as far as America. York is a beautiful and picturesque city.

As an author who is constantly behind a screen and rarely lifts my head to see the light of day, it brought home to me the importance of these events for us authors. These events are not just about selling books for authors, its as much about networking and meeting fellow authors/bloggers/readers.

These events force us out of our writing dens to let the world know that we are real and do exist! As I conversed with like-minded authors on the day, it became very apparent to me that it was not just me that lives behind my screen lost in a fictional world with my characters – but most authors are. We often don’t realise how much we hide away behind our screens… It was good to be physically networking face to face rather than on line, which is my usual mode of networking as it is with most writers. The very nature of our job is solitary for the most part!



Me at my stand just before the doors opened to the public…


The White Rose Author Event, was held at the Radisson Park Inn Hotel in York. This was such an amazing event. I finally got to meet some fellow authors who I have been networking with online over the years and have never actually met face to face before as well as many more authors new to me! Author Martin Tracey, Author L Chapman,  Author Grace Harper, Author Kelly Hamley and Author Charlotte E Hart , to name a few…

There were around 50 attending authors from around the globe… However, there was one particular author I was really excited to finally meet  –  Martin Tracey, (author of, Mind Guerilla). He is also from Birmingham and our stands were placed next to each other on the day. We had a lot of fun and a successful signing day…

The organisers of this event really did us authors proud. They truly pulled out all the stops. A beautiful buffet lunch was organised for us all midday and they had hired plenty of volunteers to keep us authors topped up with water, tea and coffee throughout the day.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many book bloggers were at this event on the day. It was lovely to meet them and connect with them. Throughout the day I felt humbled by the kindness of both authors and readers and made some great new friends.


A list of the attending authors for the White Rose Author Event: 

A lovely picture of Author Martin Tracey and me pictured with each others books…

With so many published titles (14 in total) I only took 6 titles, two of them are featured below. I gave a free goodie bag with each sale and my readers loved them. They were filled with unique and useful personalised swag. All those months of preparation were with it… I soon ran out of goodie bags!

The doors opened to the public at 10 am. We authors were in the Henley suite setting up our tables at 8 a.m. I had done several pre runs at home on my own table of how I wanted my setup to look like, this turned out to be a real time saver on the day as I knew exactly where everything was going to be placed. There is so much organisation that goes into these events. Making sure you have plenty of stock, making up the goodie bags, making sure you have lots of lovely swag for bloggers/readers, ordering business cards, roller banners, book stands, book marks. But one of the main things is a good signing pen…

This was a fabulous event and one I will always remember…

The most important thing for me when attending events is to always wear a smile and interact with as many people as possible. I love to engage with readers and listen to what they love and hate about books, what are their favourite genres and so on. How many books do they read a year and what is their favourite reading tool – kindle, paper back or audio and so on… Because these days there are many ways to read a book. For me personally, it will always be the paperback/hardback book. I love to feel and smell the book. I love to own the physical thing and add it to my collection of many books…

I am as much of a reader as I am an author!




With only three days to go until the White Rose Author Event you could say this week has been an incredibly busy week for me. Preparing and bagging up goodie bags and organising swag for my stand. It is amazing how much work goes into these author signing events.

I am so excited to meet many of the talented authors that I have been networking with over the years but have never met face to face. There are around 50 authors signing at this huge event and I am really looking forward to it. There is nothing more rewarding than meeting readers/fans face to face. I have been preparing for this event for months, from purchasing lots of beautiful swag, personalised gift bags, gold, foil wrapped, heart chocolates and a 6ft roller banner for my stand. There are so many other things to consider too, like making sure you have a good stock of business cards, flyers and so on.  Not to mention booking your hotel room and travel arrangements. York City is a three-hour drive from Birmingham, so I will need to set off early in order to get to York in plenty of time for the Meet and Greet on Friday evening. And then finally, what will I wear on the day! Thankfully, being super organised has its benefits and I have my outfit for both days sorted and packed already.


If you live in and around the York City UK area then why not drop by The Park Inn Radisson on Saturday 13th May. You can buy tickets on the day too if you do not already have one. This is a great chance to buy many signed copies of great books and mingle with us authors too… Hope to see many of you there.

Here are my chosen titles for the event, which I will be signing on the day…  I look 




White Rose Author Event – 12th/13th May 2017 York…

AUTHOR EVENT 2017 – Radisson Hotel York City UK…


13240504_1250180655007244_8038205503154157193_n(1)Readers will get the chance to meet and greet their favourite authors with their purchased tickets. Drinks, canapes and a one on one with your authors of choice will take place the night before the big signing event at 7 p.m – 12 p.m.

website header 3

The buzz is all about the 2017 White Rose Author Event taking place at the Park Inn, Radisson Hotel, York… Only 7 days to go! I cannot wait. There will be 54 authors from around the world all signing books at the big event. Tickets are currently on sale at Event bright. However, you can purchase tickets on the day. I am an attending author at this event and I have some beautiful goodie bags for every customer. Yes that’s right, every customer who purchases a signed copy of my book or books on the day will receive a luxury goodie bag too.

York city is a beautiful place, much like Edinburgh, but on a smaller scale. Very pretty with amazing architecture. I have been preparing for this huge event for months now and very much look forward to meeting some of my fans as well as new readers gained along the way.

Over the years I have connected with and made friends with many fabulous authors on social media. I am so looking forward to finally meeting them face to face at this event. There will be so much happening on the event day and I hope to see you there…








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