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Today I’m stressed!

It’s not easy to write when you have an energetic toddler wanting your attention 24/7, especially today when I really needed to get my website up and running. So if it looks bad and unfinished that’s why! Last night I only typed 3,672 words … sound’s like a lot but not enough? I am a few chapters in writing my autobiography for my daughter. This has taken me on a very personal journey and made me look at myself in a whole new light. I am also writing a thriller based novel, which I have been writing for quite some years, during which there have been period’s where I have not written at all, and other times when I write frantically.  I will admit that life has got in the way often and time was just not available to me. Ever since I was a teenager I have wanted to write, this was always my dream, my ambition! So tonight while my princess is sleeping I am making the most of my time, with a glass of wine on the table and a galaxy bar crying out to be opened!

It is 10.31 p.m. I am shattered due to lack of sleep last night (finally caught some zzz’s at 3a.m)!  I have more research to do tonight, lots of old letters to go through – this is the best part of the day for me to continue with my projects regardless of how much my body tells me I need to sleep!  The galaxy bar helps enormously, and one or two cups of coffee also. It’s hard to imagine that one day other people could be reading my books if I’m lucky enough, but right now I am obsessing over completing them then we shall see about the rest!


Me …

Hi there! (I’m a proud mother/wife/writer/blogger and tweeter!)

I am  writing my autobiography for my daughter – along side this I am also
attempting to write a thriller based novel which I have always wanted to do being a lover of thrillers myself and reader of many! I am a proud mother and a current
affairs obsessive – also fast becoming a twitterholic! My loves are good wine,
good books, and when I can afford them, Jimmy Choo’s! My daughter is my whole
world, my life, my everything (the child first and foremost). I currently live in Birmingham England.   I hope you all enjoy my daily blogs they will be filled with the positives and negatives of writing your first novel with a toddler in tow – not easy by anyone’s
standards, especially as she is not a great fan of sleeping. There will be words
of wisdom and plenty of humour! Enjoy and please feel free to comment.



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