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The Poppy Fields Trilogy

The Poppy Fields trilogy was released in April 2014. I was so lucky to secure the time once again of David C. Cassidy an incredible cover designer with artistic talents far beyond those of most in his field in my humble opinion. I wanted my covers for this series to be very similar with just one or two subtle differences, such as the taglines on Book #2 and Book #3 as you will see below. David C. Cassidy has perfectly captured the essence of my story which is conveyed beautifully in these covers as I am sure you will agree…





Whispers from Heaven

Whispers from Heaven is the sequel to Tears of Endurance.  My idea for this book was of an image that would draw you right in to the cover. I knew the depth of the colours I wanted but I just couldn’t put into words exactly what I wanted… So once again I employed the services of David.C. Cassidy. I gave him a few rough ideas and explained to him about the emotion I wanted the cover to convey and once again he seemed to conjure up his third all-seeing eye and came up with this incredible cover, which I am sure you will agree is truly beautiful…




Tears of Endurance

Tears of Endurance is a heart-wrenching romantic drama which tackles all sorts of inner emotions. I employed the wonderful talent of David.C. Cassidy who is an author, photographer and graphic designer. He has an incredible eye and saw my vision for this cover through the very scarce details I provided! I wanted a cover which would relay the very essence of my story to my readers. The beautiful eye in the center of the cross is very telling and once you the reader has read this heart-wrenching story you will see how poignant it is to the story…

 TOE from WFH - 529 x 800




Broken wings: Is my latest novel and was released in March 2013. This story needed a cover that would evoke emotions in people. I wanted the cover for my war/romance novel to capture the very essence of what my story was about. Once again I put my faith into Ares Jun my cover designer and as always I was not disappointed! The cover he designed for me perfectly conveys what my novel is all about. The image of the soldier in the center of the cover is almost haunting and exactly what I wanted.  

broken wings FINAL COVER



Heart and Mind: This cover was also designed by Ares Juan who is based in the Philippines. He is such a talented artist I knew he would once again design the perfect cover for my new book “Heart and Mind” a collection of poems released in 2012… Ares Jun designs book covers for quite a few Indie authors around the world such as: Rob Guthrie author of “Blood Land” pop over to Amazon and check out his awesome cover! He also designed the cover for “Gray Resurrection” and Gray Redemption by Alan McDermott. Another superb cover, pop over to Amazon to see his wonderful cover.





Amelia’s Destiny: This cover was designed by Ares Jun a fabulous artist in the Philippines. This cover conveys my story perfectly… It says everything I want it to say. The shadow of a woman taking poll position on my cover says so much, with her head in her hands and the black and white cover. This image gives the readers enough temptation to encourage them to open the book and read further.



Amelia’s Story: This cover was originally designed for me by HF Pixel based in London, England. A few months later having been introduced to Ares Jun by the talented author Alan McDermott,  Ares added his magic touch to perfect the cover for me, giving it that sepia look and changing the font of the title and my name. This cover was just perfect, and says it all really

Amalia's story



(An anthology of war poetry)

Military Boots (Sidebar)

 Military Boots was a very personal venture of mine. With two Grandfathers who fought in WWII and a very dear friend who fought in the Afghan war in 2008 and lost his life to an IED bomb at just 22 years of age I wanted this war anthology to represent all our soldiers past and present. I employed the services of Ares Jun graphic artist based in the Philippines. Ares Jun has produced several of my covers and I knew he would create for me the perfect cover. I wanted a powerful and emotional cover and one that needed no words as it spoke for itself. I think you will agree that Ares Jun has done just that…




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