#FREE TEARS OF ENDURANCE – A secret can tear you apart or bind you forever…

Tears of Endurance is an emotion-charged romance filled with unexpected twists and turns that will leave you thinking about the fragility of life… Nothing is forever!


A secret can tear you apart or bind you forever…

For Arianna Ferria, a satisfying and challenging life as an art gallery owner takes an unexpected turn into burning romance when she falls for the handsome and successful Ben Fielding. Soon, their relationship blossoms into more than she could ever imagine. However, when a black secret comes crashing down around them, their love faces the ultimate test of endurance while they come to grips with a tragic fate that will bring you to tears …

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Love In Times of War Boxed Set – Twelve authors and twelve books! Available for preorder


Eleven authors and myself have come together to collaborate on this amazing boxed set.  Twelve love stories in times of war… The complete boxed set is now available for preorder for just $1.99 USD  0r £1.50 GBP! An absolute bargain of a price for such a large boxed set of wonderful love stories.

Our amazing boxed set is available for preorder here: http://BookShow.me/B01M0SOXQW






At no other point is passion put to the test as in dire times of war. From the American Civil War to WWII, from Vietnam to the War in Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf, the stories in this boxed set summon the strength of true lovers. Written by bestselling, award-winning, and USA Today authors, the novels and novellas in this collection tell of overcoming loss, injuries, and separation, to celebrate the victory of love.

If you like Military Romance, Wounded Warrior Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, or Romantic Suspense, this anthology invites you to triumph over the worst of conditions and find the courage to bring forth the best in us.

Dancing with Air by Uvi Poznansky

In WWII London, Lenny is involved in a covert intelligence ploy. His task must remain confidential, even at the risk of Natasha becoming suspicious of him. Will their love survive the test of war?

Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson

Beth Bowen is a single mom of an autistic son. Zach Logan is a wounded warrior searching for a life after Iraq. Can two lonely people discover that love is that something unspoken, missing from their lives?

The Rebel’s Redemption by Jacquie Biggar

When an old enemy follows him from Iraq and causes mayhem in Tidal Falls, can Jared overcome the odds to protect the woman he’s always loved?

Broken Wings by D.G. Torrens

Joshua, a bomb disposal expert in Afghanistan. Angelina, an editor of a local newspaper. Both avoiding love at all costs, until they are unexpectedly thrown together. Tested beyond belief… Can their love survive?

A Soldier’s Promise by Angelica Kate

Ryker is most comfortable in the regulated world of the military. When he is sent to Darby’s doorstep to keep a promise to one of his fallen team members, every rule he holds will be challenged!

Returning Home by the Sea by Traci Hall

Brayden and Zoe wed before he went to Iraq. Once united in passion, a lot has changed in the six years he’s been away. Will their love survive his homecoming?

A Weldon Family Christmas by Jennifer St. Giles

A frightening event with an uncertain outcome sends Emma and John’s memory to the past, where her helicopter went down in Vietnam enemy territory, and he risked everything to save her. Can she save him now?

The Magic of Snow by Regina Puckett

When Staff Sergeant Charlie Prince’s letters stop arriving from Afghanistan, Sarah White waits in agonizing suspense to discover what has happened to the man she loves.

Mademoiselle by Suzanne Jenkins

To Philipa, working at Mademoiselle Magazine is more important than anything, even love. Her friend, Walter, hopes for a change, but not until his trip to the Persian Gulf does she begin to listen to her heart.

Genteel Secrets by Sarah Mallery

In 1861 America, can the love between a Confederate female spy and the Pinkerton detective hired to shadow her survive, or will their story become just another casualty of war?

Moving to Forever by PJ Fiala

Danny Schaefer returns from Afghanistan broken in body, battered in soul. Tammy Davis, betrayed in a most personal way, struggles against her tormentor. She and Danny must help each other heal, by the power of love.

Lovin’ Those Navy Games by Susan Jean Ricci

Michael Burke has two passions: his high-school sweetheart and baseball. When someone dear to him perishes in Vietnam, will the shock alter his future goals? Will it isolate him from Ellie or deepen their love?


Twelve authors, twelve love stories. A war-romance boxed set collaboration – LOVE IN TIMES OF WAR… (Available for pre-order soon)

I have had the great privilege of collaborating with twelve talented authors on our upcoming war-romance boxed set. Twelve incredible love stories by  twelve passionate authors. This amazing boxed set will be available for less than 2.99… That’s right 12 stories for less than 2.99!

My own book, BROKEN WINGS, is included in the boxed set and I am truly honoured to be a part of this collaboration with so many bestselling authors from around the world.

Take a look at the beautiful artwork below…

The theme is: Love In Times of War… Available for pre-order soon! love-in-times-of-war-3d-cover love-in-times-of-war-large-cover



#FREE 01/09 to 02/09 Tears of Endurance…

Tears of Endurance is #FREE for two days only, 1st Sept- 2nd Sept! Download your free copy today while you can…


A secret can tear you apart or bind you forever…

For Arianna Ferria, a satisfying and challenging life as an art gallery owner takes an unexpected turn into burning romance when she falls for the handsome and successful Ben Fielding. Soon, their relationship blossoms into more than she could ever imagine. However, when a black secret comes crashing down around them, their love faces the ultimate test of endurance while they come to grips with a tragic fate that will bring you to tears …

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An emotion-charged, romantic suspense that will take you on a journey of love, hope and undying loss… 

The ties that bind us are the ones that can break us… Jessica Hamilton is 25-years-old and born into a strict, white, Christian family. One that does not believe in interracial relationships under any circumstances. She meets Ajay Sharma at work, an Associate Director for Lansdale and Down Communications. There is only one problem – he is a Hindu. Jessica and Ajay fall irrevocably and irreparably in love with one another. A perfect love they have to conceal from all those around them for fear of reprisal from their unforgiving families… families that are imprisoned by their own cultural constraints. They are both faced with unimaginable and unforeseeable obstacles that lead Jessica to a near fatal accident, one that changes their lives forever. Jessica has no memory of the events that led to her accident on that fateful night. Will Ajay find justice for Jessica? Will Jessica’s memory return?

One reviewer said: This book grabbed me from page one and kept my emotions running to the very last page…



Amelia the Mother (A pocket full of innocence) book #3 Release date – 2017

Announcement: AMELIA The MOTHER (A pocket full of innocence) book #3 due for release 2017!

I wanted the cover for this book to be a very personal one. The cover is an image of myself and my daughter… My cover designer, the fabulous Ares Jun, incorporated the image and came up with this beautiful book cover. I love it.
To all my lovely dedicated readers. Over the last four years since the publication of Amelia’s Story and Amelia’s Destiny, many of you have sent me messages asking me lots of questions on various aspects of both books. Hundreds of you have asked me all sorts of questions. So I have made a list of all those questions and they will be answered in the 3rd and final book in the Amelia series. There were some questions that I did not have the answers to in book #2 that I can now answer due to knowledge gained along the way. This book also includes a road trip that Amelia and Jake (now in their 40s) decide to go on. The road trip takes them on an emotion-charged journey around the country, visiting places from their past. Places that impacted on them emotionally. They laugh, they cry and they open up to one another in ways they never had before. Revealing their true emotions of a time gone by. The book also takes you on Amelia’s personal journey through motherhood and how her life was changed forever on the day her daughter was born. Most of all, the book shows that no matter what your beginning in life – your future is in your hands and the direction you take as an adult is a choice only you can make!Amelia The Mother


I Acquire a Literary Agent…


I’m happy to announce that I’ve just engaged literary agent Sarah Hershman, of Hershman Rights Management LLC, to represent and sell subsidiary rights to my Amelia Story series.

In hiring Ms. Hershman, my main focus is to publish more print, ebook, and audio editions of the Amelia series  in foreign languages and markets. Sarah Hershman will negotiate future FILM/TV contracts, publishing contracts, foreign rights, and audible contracts.

This is a new era for me as an author. Exciting times ahead for sure! As an indie author, I feel I have achieved a great deal over the last five years. This has led to great success with my Amelia series, which led me to the BBC Radio as an occasional Headline Reviewer for the Adrian Goldberg breakfast show. This brought about great things on its own and opened doors for me that otherwise would have remained closed…


Amelia’s Story & the sequel, Amelia’s Destiny (my autobiography) has gained a lot of traction over the last four years. It has been downloaded almost 300k times worldwide and inspired many people around the world. Amelia’s Story has also been successful enough to fund all 12 of my other published books.  All this I have managed to achieve on my own as an indie author. However, for foreign-language editions of my books, self-publishing is not the best option at all. The market is harder for an indie author to negotiate and manage. You need to acquire and pay for a great translator for your chosen countries, this could mean multiple translators worldwide. Not to mention, narrators for audible books. This is quite a different thing altogether. With the popularity of audible and foreign markets, it makes complete sense for me to engage Hershman Rights Management (HRM) to represent this side of my business as they have the knowledge and experience as agents. As experienced literary agents, they are able to negotiate the best contracts for Amelia’s Story going forward as far as film/tv/publishing/audio/foreign markets are concerned.

I am excited about expanding Amelia’s Story to a wider global audience and look forward to what the future brings to my writing  journey…




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